About Us

Traveling to discover and rediscover the beauties of Italy, rediscovering ourselves with them. Traveling to live unique experiences becoming the stars of extraordinary shows. Traveling on the notes of big and little events, losing yourself in the musical soul of unique and evocative venues.

With twenty years of experience in the sector behind us, we are witness of the relevance of the growing phenomenon of music tourism, a field still embracing a wide range of possibilities: this is the starting point for the new Italia in Scena project, born form the collaboration between our two Tour Operators Enjoylive Travel and Noteinviaggio, sharing a work ethic based on customer's needs..

Italy's rich culture is the magic ingredient for thematic trips, aimed at italian and foreign travelers passionate about music. The wide presence of exclusive proposals such as live events, musical and artistic moments, food and wine experiences, allows us to transform the most fascinating and evocative places in our country into stages for unique shows.

As Enjoylive Travel and Noteinviaggio, we work focusing on our clients desires. As Italia in Scena we are ready to follow this path, giving always more space to the growing potential of music tourism.

Music and travel are two closely connected worlds. People travel to attend performances in the most important theatres, to listen to the most prestigious orchestras, to enjoy Summer Festivals. Music tourism attracts thousands of more or less passionate people every year and, however far from modest the numbers are today, there is still so
much room to grow.

So, what we want to do as Italia in Scena?

  • To offer numerous and varied travel opportunities to lovers of music, culture, beauty.
  • To grow through partnerships with travel agencies by sharing an educational and information path.
  • To collaborate with theaters, musical institutions, associations to let shine one of our country's great resources: music.

Let's restart from hidden Italy, the lesser-known realities and the leading destinations rediscovered from new points of view: our beautiful Country is going to be the show we want to introduce you to. Let’s enhance another Italy, beyond mass tourism. It is the Italy made of charming villages, local traditions, small museums, historical theaters, great artistic and musical tradition, gastronomy and wine. This is the Italy of our proposals.

Travel, Dream, Share!